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Vivienne Westwood

Written & Illustrated By Isabel Sanchez Vegara

One of the best series to come out of KidLit in the last few years is ‘Little People, BIG DREAMS.’ While most nonfiction books for children typically pick well know historical figures as their subjects, LPBD highlights Women, People of Color, Scientists, and Artists. The latest in the series, 'Vivienne Westwood,' does not disappoint. I knew of Westwood before reading this picture book, however, while I already appreciated her rebel rousing in the fashion world, I had no idea how revolutionary she had been as a child. The story, so beautifully illustrated in bright & bold colors that Westwood herself would absolutely approve of, shows the reader what an innovator she has been her entire life – in fashion and in standing up for others. You can’t help but cheer her on from the very first page. Do not hesitate to share this book with the young ones in your life; there is so much to be gleaned from Vivienne Westwood. Thank …
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The Two Lila Bennetts

Written by Liz Fenton, Lisa Steinke

Defense Attorney, Lila Bennett, makes very poor choices. She sometimes believes she’s a good person...she felt guilty about winning her last case, right? But, deep down, she knows she can (and should!) do better. However, the day she chooses to embrace her conscience, the world starts crumbling down around her. Switching between two narratives, a la ‘Sliding Doors,’ we find ourselves watching Lila’s mistakes destroy every single aspect of her life. Once I started this book, I could not put it down – I finished within 24 hours. Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke are masters at instantly pulling their readers in, keeping them hooked with twisting storylines & strong characters, and, in the end, bringing it full circle while our mouths are left hanging open. I am a sucker for mind-bending books with unusual timelines...and this one did not disappoint! You will absolutely want it with you at your window seat destined for vacation or tucked in your beac…