Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Oh, the Writing...

I love new ideas. I love those ideas coming to fruition in a perfectly worded story.


Actually *getting* from that new idea to the perfectly worded story? *That's* the oh so tricky part.

I have lots and lots of ideas. I enjoy the research even! But man, finding the time to actually sit down and punch out a cohesive collection of words...not the easiest. And I'm the type of person who needs to sit down for a Period of Time. I need to get In The Zone. All these books talk about squeezing in writing throughout the day...five minutes here, ten minutes there. I need at least an hour just to get my head wrapped around what I'm trying write.

But! I feel like I'm finally at a place now in life (a life with two small boys) that I can take some time for myself again. For four years, my life has revolved around my boys. I don't mind...I'm so very happy to have them and I adore them. But. My "Me Time" has pretty much been non-existent. So I'm happy to have even just a teeny tiny smidge of it back.

So. I got a new planner. (I promise...this is all related.)

It is by Inkwell Press and has an amazing set up for goals and helping you make them happen. Not only within the planner itself, but also with the videos they email you. I just love it and I've only been using it for a week. It's really helping me with my current goal of finishing my children's book that I've been working on forever. Fooooor-Eeevvvvv-Errrrrr.

So I put it down as my "Dream Big" goal for March and not 24 hours later came across a competition for 'Work-in-Progress' submissions in Children's writing from the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI). The winner will have their finished transcript presented to a "hand-selected group of editors for their consideration."

I feel like this is a sign. A sign that I need to get off my duff and just finish it already! I am literally half finished, know exactly how I want the second half to play out, but cannot seem to push past this writer's block to get the words onto paper.

Can I do it? Can I finish the entire script, polish it and have it critiqued by the end of the month? Well, the way these months have been flying by so far, I'm feeling a little nervous. But! I'm gonna try!

Wish me luck!

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