Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Winter Farewell

Today the sun is shining and the sky is a shade of blue you usually only see in technicolor movies from the 50s. In a word, GORGEOUS! I'm normally a lot more nonchalant about this kind of weather, as it is all I normally see her in Silicon Valley. (I know, I know...please don't slap me through your computer.) 

However, {squee!} it has been The Rainiest season we've had here since Hubby and I moved to California almost 15 years ago. So after several months of this weather, I'm actually quite giddy to have such a Sunshine Day today! {cue The Brady Bunch}

But! Now that tomorrow is the first day of March, and the first day of spring isn't far behind, I suppose it's time to say goodbye to winter and all the cozy, snuggly, wrapped-in-a-handknit-blanket that it has been. I've been holding onto winter so much, that I still have lights up and wintery decor all around. Not in a tacky, "it's July and I still have my Christmas lights up" way, but just enough for the house not to feel bare after all the Christmas extravaganza. 

The lights are definitely down on the outside of the house, but I do still have my candoliers in the windows. It gives just enough of a glow to the outside that it feels nice and welcoming without screaming, "I can't let go of Christmas even though it's late February!" And throughout the house you'll find miniature snow covered cottages and trees. Again, nothing that makes you think Christmas, but instead makes you feel all cozy and warm and happy...like you could just curl up on the couch with some mulled wine and binge watch Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

See...not weird, just homey.

But, yes, I do realize that the windows are now able to be left open during the day and the sun is warm enough to dry my hanging clothes on the line and that the calendar is getting ready to flip from snow to blooming wildflowers.

So today, I bid my winter decor adieu... 

Anyone else notice an obsession a theme of trees in snowy jars? Urm. Well. I like what I like!

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