Saturday, March 24, 2012

C'mon In!

Just last night, my husband promised me something great...something I've dreamt of, but never thought would happen.

You're thinking maybe jewelry?

Think again!  I mean, c'mon...I got excited about getting a dual flush toilet for our anniversary two years ago.

No, I'm so excited because, not only did the Hubs tell me we could get a new front door...he told me we could take out the awful (and kinda random) "window" and put in a brand new entrance-way!  

Check out what it looks like now...
Ugh - so ugly!

Double Doors are Fab!

Do you think the space will be able to accomodate a double door?  I'm not so sure it will.

Since I'm starting to think that a double door just ain't gonna happen, I've come up with two other options.

The Dutch Door :: Drew isn't really excited about this one.  I think it's adorable...

So cottage-y!

But, if I could truly have my way...if all my Door-Related Dreams could come true...I'd get an Arched Door!  I blame this obsession on The Polka Dot Door from my childhood.  (I love how I can blame things on television!)

Seriously, I would LOVE to have an arched door.  Drew has always said no because we didn't think we were going to do any stucco work on the outside.  However, since Drew has said that we can take the brick facade off the front (YEA!!), the possibilities are endless.  

Eek!  How Cute Is This??

Oh My!  This is perfection!


Marla Hinds said...

Good thing your hubby offered to change the door! It is high time that you have a new one! I’m kinda curious on what you chose. Well, if it’s me, I would go with the yellow cottage-y one! It looks bright and cute and it would match your exterior look well.

Sasha Herrick said...

The arched door in the last photo is indeed gorgeous! It blends perfectly with the mustard wall, which then creates a modern-day atmosphere. Nevertheless, because of its design, you’d still feel the traditional appeal in it. Every time I see doors like this one, I somewhat feel attached to and comfortable with the house.